About MEMG

益眾教育媒體集團  在本港醫護健康服務,生活教育媒體市場享有領導地位

憑藉我們與各領域之專家團隊及市民大眾的共同協力下,成功建立包括 《睇醫生醫療資訊網》、《香港睇中醫網》、《搵診所醫療資訊網》、《熱點頻道》、《家居維修服務網》、《家庭生活網絡》及出版相關刊物《家居生活通報》與《醫.學.家雜誌》,另將銳意拓展本地與大中華健康生活教育媒體服務,矢志於新數碼資訊年代佔上一重要席位,持續深受各界的支持和肯定,並立意對社會作長遠之貢獻。

The Mass Education Media Group  has a leading position at Healthcare service and life education media market in Hong Kong.

With the concerted efforts from our team of experts and the public in various fields, we have successfully established such website including "SeeDoctor.com.hk" , "ChineseDoctor.com.hk" , "SeeClinic.hk" , "EDchannel.net" , "HomeRepair.com.hk" and related publications "HomeLife Notes" , "M.E.Family". It will strive to expanded the local and Asian regional mass education media services, making itself to be one of the leading players in the new digital media landscape, continued to get all the support and affirmation, make a long-term contribution to society.